domingo, 11 de enero de 2009

Stencils I

Me encantan los stencils. No hay otra forma de verlo, simplemente me encantan. Me he bajado todos los que he encontrado pero siempre quería más, así que decidí hacerme un montón de ellos. Ahora tengo más de los que seguramente usaré, pero no he podido evitarlo. Los iré subiendo poco a poco, para aquellos que seais unos auténticos obsesos como yo.

La mesh de Mangosims (Set Cannelle) incluida en los zip.

I love stencils. I downloaded all I have found but never have enought, so I decided to make a litt... a lot of them. I'll upload them graduallly. Are you ready? Here we go.
Mesh by Mangosims (Set Cannelle) included.




¿Creeis que son demasiados? Pues todavía hay muchos más.
Do you think it's too much? There are many more.

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Anónimo 12 de enero de 2009, 6:06  

Hi Seica! :)

I love wall stencils too, add so much charm to a room.

I can't have enough and yours, as sual, are gorgeous!

Thank you bunches,


Anónimo 12 de enero de 2009, 6:09  

I gorgot to say the colored stencils are also beautiful. If you would like to upload those, I would appreciate.


Grito 13 de enero de 2009, 3:13  

Thanks Kate :)
You can ask me for all you want. Do you only want he ones that appear above or any of black in other color?

Anónimo 13 de enero de 2009, 3:56  

Yes, I want the beautiful bright colours above. Those are fantastic! But if you have more them shown, I would love to have all! Your work is so well done and looks so crisp in game.

Sorry for all the typos in my previous posts. I think I got way too excited when I find out you've updated!

Thank you,


Grito 14 de enero de 2009, 3:19  

I have too many vinyls as show them all ^.^' I'm "a little" obsessed.
Colored are uploaded already, and I'll share more gradually .

My english is so bad that I don't know how you can understand me.

zaneta 17 de enero de 2009, 8:35  

OMG i love these,and nope its to much,i want more,because they ar really super pretty.Thank you!

Anónimo 7 de febrero de 2009, 22:41  

a mi me facina, mew gustaron los stenciles

Grito 27 de febrero de 2009, 2:17  

Thank you zaneta, another stencil-addict? :D


Muchas gracias por tu comentario.

CrazyTulip 6 de abril de 2009, 19:29  

Hi Seica!
Thanks so much for all those lovely stencils!! I love em too! I don't know if you saw but I have 2 sets of them at Black Pearl Sims in the Member Gift Section - recolors in case you missed em! I am currently working on a part 3 as well ;) I know how time consuming they are so thanks sooo much these look fantastic!!
Hug, Petra aka CrazyTulip at BPS

Anónimo 9 de octubre de 2009, 10:43  

! Hola !

Quiero decirte tus recolores de estos Mango stenciles me gustan muchos ; son magnificos en el juego .

Thank you very much for the share .My Spanish isn't fluently I hope you'll understand me .

Anónimo 18 de julio de 2010, 19:12  

me enkantaron las plantillas =)

Anónimo 27 de noviembre de 2010, 12:23  

muy bonitos los vinilos.

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